The innovative modular system of Washroom Products Advanced Dispensing offers unlimited possibilities.

Refill bag

Available with different soap or liquid types, made from reliable co-extruded polymers.


Links the bags to a wide range of pump styles. Optional available in Bioconnect® version.


Adapts different pump styles to different dispenser enclosures.

Handle insert

Adapts different pump styles to the handle, so the same handle can be used on all dispensers.


Available for various dispensing applications, including spray, foam, lotion and sanitizers.

Washroom Products offers a full range of innovative dispensing products, giving the customer the freedom to pick and choose from various combinations of pump typesrefill options and dispenser enclosures.

Pump types

At the heart of Washroom Products’s new modular dispensing system lies a clever range of pump styles. The system includes specialized pumps for: :

  • Spray soap, mist soap, and foam soap
  • Gel soap or lotions
  • Liquids for hand sanitizing, toilet seat cleaners, and surface cleaners

What stands out is the high level of innovation: the foam soap pump dispenses a thick, rich foam for a luxurious hand-washing experience, while the new Micro Mist (MMT) spray soap pump offers optimal efficiency by providing maximum coverage on your hands at a minimum liquid output per dose.

An extended range of connectors and spacers ensures that every pump style fits the different refills and dispenser enclosures. There are also special versions and adapters available for the automatic Sensor-operated dispensers.

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Spray pump

Foam pump

Gel pump

Liquid pump

Refill options

Washroom Products offers an extensive program of refills containing different soap and liquid types at very competitive prices. The refill bags are available in standard 500 ml, 600 ml and 1000 ml volumes. The three-layer co-extruded foil pouches are extremely strong and chemically resistant. Our refill rangeincludes the following products:

  • Various types of hand soaps and shampoos
  • Disinfectants, toilet seat cleaners, and surface cleaners
  • Lotions such as hand cream, sunscreen, and after-sun

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The new distinctive dispenser line is specifically designed for optimal user-friendliness. This takes into account intuitive operation by the end user, and the smart construction also allows for easy installation, service, and maintenance. Moreover, the products can be easily cleaned, ensuring safety and optimal hygiene.The product range includes various dispenser types, including:

  • Manually operated 500 ml and 1000 ml versions
  • Hands-free, elbow-operated 500 ml and 1000 ml versions
  • Automatic Sensor Multi-Shot 600 ml versions

All dispenser types are available in fashionable bright colors and sophisticated metallized surfaces. Our in-house workshop can further customize your dispensers with high-quality logos and full-color decorations. Furthermore, Washroom Products’s patented BioProtect® system offers additional antimicrobial protection for your dispenser, with three levels of protection available.

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