Modular dispensing system
  • Supreme quality at the lowest costs
  • Highest levels of safety and hygiene
  • Low maintenance & cost efficient
  • Versatile high-quality pumps
  • Made in the European Union
  • The inventors of the Spray soap and Toilet seat cleaner

Washroom Products is stirring up the dispensing world

The team behind Washroom Products Advanced Dispensing has more than 25 years of experience with innovative dispensing solutions and has filed dozens of worldwide patents. The company has now taken a disruptive turn with a completely new line of ground-breaking dispensing products.

New Washroom Products product line
The Washroom Products product family is a fully modular system consisting of a wide range of pump styles, refill options and dispenser enclosures. Tuned to different liquids such as foam, soap, lotions, and disinfectants, the patented Washroom Products products are hygienic, require very little maintenance and can be refilled in a snap.

The different pump styles applied by Washroom Products are all developed in close cooperation with selected suppliers. The parts are exclusively mass-produced in high-investment factories under the strictest quality assurance procedures, resulting in the top performance and unsurpassed reliability of our pumps.

All refills and dispenser enclosures are manufactured in advanced automated production lines, assuring the highest-quality products at a very competitive price. Washroom Products’s modular approach also offers maximum flexibility and enables a fast response to specific customer demands.

Washroom Products was established in 1994.

As the name implies, Washroom Products specialises in the importation and distribution of Hygienic products for commercial washrooms.

We have the solutions for you in this field because this is all we do! We are one of the largest distributors in Australia for Rubbermaid Commercial Washroom Products World Wide. Rubbermaid successfully market their environmentally friendly products all over the globe, including Australia, New Zealand, Europe, USA, South Africa, South America and South East Asia.

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